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A 2D mixed media animated short about a little squid with big dreams.
Created by the team "BluJa Productions"
Jazmyne Hicks, Naomi Gumbs, Andrew Giovannini, Evan Dubert, Manuel Nava with music by Bryan Mendez and credit music by Matthew AC Cohen.
My roles: Director /Art Director / character design / background design / story / sound direction.

Rough Pass Animation

La Luna Ephemeral

"La Luna Ephemeral"

~ The time has come for the magical forest Treetures to rise and usher in the new season until one encounters an obstacle he fears he can not overcome alone.

Deep in a forest
when the moons rise
at that magical time
between the winter and the spring
Whimsical tree creatures wake from their sleeping state
to roam through the woods bringing life to the fauna...

One little treeture meets a bump in the road
Although difficult to overcome alone
another treeture tries everything he can
to help him continue on.

A 3D animated short completed in 10 weeks with an incredible team pushing themselves to the limit.

Acting as Director, Art Director & overall Concept Design artist along with my Co-Director, Lead Digital Set Designer and Lead Animator, Logan Shepard, we guided our team from the pre-production phase to a finished first pass rendered piece to be proud of in 11 weeks, we present to you La Luna Ephemeral.

*Please note, the intented final look of this was lost in the rendering stage, the settings had to be turned down in order to meet the deadline and it was screened as you see it now until some day when it can be fully rendered out to its original specifications.

Concepts for "La Luna Ephemeral" 

Concepts for animated short "Early Birds"

2D / 3D Composition

created in Adobe After Effects


Still of brick room overlaying footage of sky with a top layer of birds

The book is a separate element on green screen

The floating particles were created and enhanced with digital lights

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