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I've been a member of Planet Earth for over 30 rotations of our planet's sun, but let me tell you what I'm meant to do with this short blip of existence here; I am meant to create and I am meant to aspire & inspire, and teach, through art and storytelling. Because, why not?

I am influenced across the spectrum by the visual and audible arts. Raised by various genres of films and varying genres of music.

Raised by the words of others, strangers called authors. I read books and preferred fairy tales, scifi, fantasy, but it wasn't until I grew older that I would find out what it took to be like the great authors I loved as a child and write some stories myself.

I work on expanding who I am and what there is to know about the world and the unknown universe.

I want to gain knowledge and mold it into art, animation, film, etc, and share it with others.

The "opinions" of youth are what I care about, as I was once a child and appreciate the life I was had  with Disney movies and Pixar's breakthrough works of technological art, I know their influence on my present, and I hope to leave a smidge of positive influence through my creations for later.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


UPDATE 2023 : Immediately after graduating from

The Art Institute with a bachelor's in

Media Arts & Animation,

my computer stopped working.

My school, eventually declaring bankruptcy, was bought out by a non-profit and very soon after closed its doors for ever.

I had no resources to continue my practices in digital arts after 4 years. This has been devastating for me as an artist but I am finally back at it after working in the Film industry for over 4 years.


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Sara "Blu" Pratt

Los Angeles, CA



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